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The first solo SKINWALKER exhibition at Gallery Irrgang in Berlin,
a collaboration between the painter Diana Wehmeier and photographers
Pierre Horn & Eileen Huhn, will close with an incomparable event
called "Transformance". The exceptional dancer Corey Scott-Gilbert and
Diana Wehmeier as THE SKINWALKER will perform live and exclusively
what had been exhibited as results from their Skinwalker Project in 2013.

"Referencing the traditional concept of 'skinwalkers', which are humans
said to have the ability to transform into other creatures, the dancers and
models featured in SKINWALKER are painted as they move through space
to slowly become one with the painting. The resulting photographs of this
transformation capture a sense of 'posthumanity' in the modern age –
to be composed of layer upon layer, as our interactions with others, along
with our very beings, are further digitalized and synthesized."
Kate Haveles, artlog.com, NY

The SKINWALKER exhibition will conclude with a Transformance at
Gallery Irrgang, Friedrichstr. 232, Berlin on 5th of September, 7.30 p.m.

Am 5. September ab 19.30 Uhr findet die Finissage zur ersten
SKINWALKER Einzelausstellung in der Galerie Irrgang,
Friedrichstraße 232, Berlin, statt. Wir laden Sie herzlich zu einer einzig-
artigen Transformance mit dem Ausnahmetänzer Corey Scott-Gilbert ein.


Pierre Horn & Eileen Huhn
Berliner Allee 60
D-13088 Berlin


+49 30-920 456 30

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